Position Details: Director

The Kenworthy School Director is often the initial contact interested families have with The Kenworthy School, and is an ambassador for the school both on campus and away. This individual is essential to maintaining the culture and standards of the school in an encouraging and helpful style. This gregarious leader is a self motivated, organized, detail oriented individual with proven managerial and interpersonal skills, and easily inspires all those in the Kenworthy School family.

The Director demonstrates creative and successful problem solving, enduring support of the school and its mission and is accessible to faculty, staff, and parents. The director is gregarious and an excellent communicator. The Director has a good sense of humor, is organized and has high energy and low drama. This person enjoys being helpful and supportive and looks for ways to make a positive difference in the lives of all in the Kenworthy School community. This is a leader who does what it takes to lead a successful school. The Director is a major standard bearer for the school’s mission and is vigilant in managing the operation of the school within DFPS guidelines for Minimum Standards for quality care at all times.

A successful director communicates wisely and well, managing with grace the complexities of educating young children and their families and the challenges of supporting a dynamic faculty accomplishing both with an abiding understanding and commitment to the school guidelines and standards for high quality education and child care.

At the same time, the Director inspires, guides and supports a diverse faculty and staff, their needs and challenges, the schedules and flow of the day, the financial responsibilities of efficient staffing, tuition and other financial transaction and most importantly the care and safety of the children. The Kenworthy Director has responsibilities for directing the school within the guidelines of the annual budget and has AP and AR responsibilities.

The Director shares responsibilities for school tours and actively encourages enrollments, personally welcomes families to The Kenworthy School on their first day, and follows up with conversations about the transition into the school in the weeks that follow. The Director interviews families leaving and wishes them well in their future situations while endeavoring to determine reasons for leaving the community.

The Kenworthy director is child centered and grows in skills of self regulation modeling the behavior we want for children with the goal of being the change we want to see in the world. The Kenworthy School Director is knowledgeable and comfortable with the skills and behaviors of Conscious Discipline and supports faculty and staff in the use of this curriculum as well as the Frog Street learning modules.

Additionally this director shares information with a positive approach about the school curriculum and learning opportunities for children, the qualifications of the faculty, the culture of the school and the guidelines and policies of the school with parents and prospective parents. This person is supportive of faculty and staff in ways that contribute to the success of the educational community. The Director is trusted to keep confidences.

The Director is frequently called upon to positively represent The Kenworthy School and to interact in a helpful manner with Licensing Representatives, fire and health inspectors and other municipal officials who support care and safety in Houston preschools.

The Director is charged with the tasks of school administrative responsibilities, including, (and not limited to) scheduling so that all classrooms are adequately staffed at all times, operational decisions and activities, including food service needs, the Concierge Program, payroll verification, with the Executive Director, and is a member of the administrative team with responsibility for successful decision making and daily operation.

Minimum Education Requirement

  • MEd (preferred) in early childhood education, elementary education or a related field
    such as child or human development, educational leadership.
  • Bachelor Degree in early childhood education, elementary education or a related subject such as child development, human development, music education, physical education for young children, language specialization such as ASL or Spanish combined with experience as a preschool director.
  • Education meets DFPS requirements for Director credential.

Minimum Experience

  • At least one year of successful experience as preschool director or related position (Post opening)
  • At least one year of successful experience as lead teacher at The Kenworthy


  • Is salaried and works an eight hour day with leave time and holidays as described in the Faculty Staff Agreement (Contract).
  • Is required to be on campus for either opening and/or closing. This alternating schedule is shared with Director of Family Services.


Is paid according to the Director Compensation Agreement based on education, experience, and after first year, longevity at The Kenworthy School.

Kenworthy School Director Position Requirements

All Kenworthy School faculty and staff must meet the following:

  • Texas State Requirements
  • Meet the requirements of the DFPS of the State of Texas
  • Red Cross and CPR Certification
  • Preservice Training and 24 Annual Hours Training in position related information

Kenworthy School Guidelines for Director Position:

  • The Director provides a safe, healthy, learning environment for students, parents, and faculty, and is, vigilant that all children are in direct supervision at all times.
  • The Director’s behavior and language demonstrate enjoyment of work with children and faculty, energy for guiding the school family to excellence, and connection and positive interactions with faculty, administration and the parent community
  • The School Director is knowledgeable, supportive and interactive with all services and
    opportunities offered by The Kenworthy School, including, but not limited to Concierge,
    School Food Programs, Curriculum, Scheduling, Financial Reporting, Playground safety,
    risk management, mentoring, and compliance with DFPS Minimum Standards.
  • The School Director has competent knowledge of all DFPS Minimum Standards, Health and Immunization Requirements, ADA regulations and maintains these standards for child care at all times.
  • The School Director is responsible for maintaining documentation as required by DFPS for all faculty and staff and initiates background checks.
  • The School Director monitors faculty and staff records to keep all faculty and staff in compliance with DFPS training requirements, as well as CPR and First Aid Training
  • The Kenworthy School Director is responsible for scheduling faulty and staff so that minimum standards for ratios are met at all times.

The Kenworthy School Director is responsible for:

  • All safety procedures including fire and health
  • Kitchen compliance with food and health and safety standards
  • The planning and oversight of regularly scheduled fire drills, weather emergency drills,
    campus evacuations, shelter in place
  • Keeping building, grounds, furniture, equipment in good repair using the resources provided
  • Keeping building, grounds, classrooms, kitchen, storage areas clean using the resources provided
  • Posting record for all practice drills commensurate with requirements of public agencies
  • Posting of accurate evacuation routes in all classrooms and hallways
  • Posting of menus and classroom schedules and the oversight for schedule posting in

General Qualifications for Employment at The Kenworthy School

  • Ability to respond immediately to emergency situations
  • Ability to handle crisis situations, especially where children are involved
  • Ability to hear the conversational voice, with or without a hearing aid
  • Ability to see and read newsprint, with or without corrective lenses
  • Ability to speak and be understood under normal circumstances
  • Ability to lift and carry children and other items weighing up to 50 pounds
  • Ability to use arms, hands, legs, and feet, with or without corrective devices; this includes the ability to evacuate the building during emergencies