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Partnering with Families in an educational community to

Ignite Learning, Cultivate Resilience, and Embrace the Joy of Childhood!

  • 5 Enrichment Programs
  • Food 3+ Times Daily
  • 12 Months of Learning & Fun
  • 4 Playgrounds
  • 1:5 Avg Teacher to Child Ratio
  • Open 7:00am – 6:00pm

We Are The Kenworthy School

The Kenworthy School is an independent private school, locally owned by Charlotte MacVane and Jean Hassen, built on the knowledge and success from doing this well in the past, and guided by commitment to transparency, parent partnerships and excellence in education and care of young children.

The founders and decision makers at The Kenworthy School represent the interest and needs of two career families in the greater Heights and bring extensive educational pedagogy, expertise and experience to the school family.


We Learn And Play

An Exceptional and Successful Curriculum

The Kenworthy School is a high quality preschool and early elementary founded in concert with the advancement of the neurosciences field and learning. The field of education now has relevant information about how young children’s growth and learning evolves in four domains of human development. Educators are beginning to understand the explosive growth and potential of the brain during the first several years of life! The even better news is that Kenworthy has a published curriculum developed based on the important research and supports the goal of using each child’s time wisely!


Evidence-Based Curriculum Design


Social Emotional Learning


Enrichment Experiences


Preschool Curriculum


Upper School Curriculum


What Are Parents Saying

We absolutely LOVE Kenworthy! We just passed our 1 year anniversary, and are so happy to be there. You can tell the teachers are well taken care of and like their jobs. Staff is super friendly, extremely helpful when needed and the school is organized and runs like clockwork.

E B.

We absolutely love The Kenworthy School. My son has flourished educationally, socially, and emotionally during his time at Kenworthy. The teachers are caring, kind, and genuinely invested in the children's education and the administrative staff is top-notch.

Breanna S.

8 months in and we are happy to be part of the Kenworthy family! Started getting calls from other waitlists only to turn them down, we are more than happy where we are and plan to remain here until he has to go to elementary school.

Cinthia W.

Our 2.5 year old son has been enrolled at Kenworthy since they opened in fall 2017. He absolutely loves it there. He comes home from school talking about how much fun he's had and always gives his teachers a big hug in the mornings and when he leaves each day.

Mandi W.

We needed care pretty quickly for our son and went to multiple private care facilities in the area. We felt at home at this school. All of the staff are so happy and nice. They let the kids be kids. We are really happy we made the choice to be a part of their family!

Shayla N.

What we really love about the school is that when I pick my daughter up, multiple teachers will say bye to her by name and some are teachers I've never met! We are loving this school and I am so glad to have found it. Thank you Kenworthy for taking such good care of my daughter.

Jen K.

we have had a wonderful overall experience with Kenworthy. The staff at Kenworthy is attentive. Katie and I like the fact that Ari eats nutritious meals each day. I wanted to send this note to let you know that you have two very satisfied parents

David and Katie K

Today is our last day at Kenworthy, as you know. The end of an era! We will greatly miss being a Kenworthy family. I feel like we found a gem in Kenworthy, as we never had to worry about our kids while they were at school. We will miss all of you!

Kim & Caleb T

As I reflect on the last few months, I realize that Ariana's emotional well-being has remained strong the whole time, despite the dire situation of the world around her. So much of the credit for her well-being goes to you. Thank you!

Kate & Rob F

The Kenworthy School chooses

the Best and Most Experienced Educators

As a school we recognize that professional development is essential to a high quality school, and we choose to invest significant resources in the professional development of the faculty and staff.