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The Legacy Of

Maria Kenworthy Magee

The Kenworthy School is the legacy of Maria Kenworthy Magee, Jean Hassen’s great grandmother, and Charlotte MacVane’s great, great grandmother. Maria was a teacher who started the first school and first church in Rock Island, Illinois. When Maria married, Professor James Francis Magee, her teaching career ended. Married women could not be teachers.


We are The Kenworthy School

The Kenworthy School is an independent private school, locally owned by Charlotte MacVane and Jean Hassen, built on the knowledge and success from doing this well in the past, and guided by commitment to transparency, parent partnerships and excellence in education and care of young children.

Ms Jean Hassen

Jean Hassen’s pedagogical foundation, her extensive experience as a teacher, her years of school leadership in a variety of educational settings, her DNA, and her knowledge combined with strong educational knowledge and an enduring commitment to what is good and best for young children informs decisions for operation, staffing and development of the school.

Ms Charlotte MacVane

Charlotte is a working (attorney) mom of three young children. When searching for childcare, she longed for a preschool that would provide an educational environment as inspiring and impressive as those she had seen Jean Hassen create before. She also wanted a school where her experience as a busy parent was a central consideration in the structure, opportunities, and services provided. Charlotte understands that a high quality preschool must be attuned to the needs and the voices of parents. Charlotte is the guardian of school guidelines with commitment to decisions supportive rather than restrictive to families, including considerations for limiting school closures to support Kenworthy family needs.

The founders and decision makers at The Kenworthy School represent the interest and needs of two career families in the greater Heights and bring extensive educational pedagogy, expertise and experience to the school family.


Educational Leadership at Kenworthy

Jean Hassen, Executive Director & Founder

Ms Jean HassenJean Hassen, a lifelong educator, parent, grandparent, Executive Director and co-owner brings several decades of experience in educational leadership to Kenworthy. For Jean, this is not a first run attempt or experimentation. Jean is most experienced and passionate about the importance of high quality education for children. It’s her life’s work; her leadership accompanied by a resourceful leadership team, a talented faculty and staff and research based curriculum delivers excellence in education to families in the Greater Heights. Jean’s previous experience as founder, co-owner and principal of a successful independent elementary and preschool informs Jean as she shepherds The Kenworthy School. Jean’s previous school was accredited and commended by the prestigious Association of Independent Schools of Florida (AISF) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). She has served as a keeper of the standards for excellence in educational settings as a member of the SACS and AISF Accreditation Committee visiting and assessing applicant schools for membership eligibility.

Jean’s experience includes consultancy with churches, organizations and corporations beginning the process of establishing independent and parochial schools in several states. Jean began her extensive and broad experience as a teacher in Head Start (preschool) and then taught first grade. Her journey includes assignments as a classroom teacher, a reading specialist, a teacher of exceptional children. She has extensive assessment experience as an Educational Diagnostician and School Counselor; her years of leadership as a school principal in addition to tenure as headmistress of three prestigious Episcopal Schools bring abundant strategies for how to do school leadership well.

Jean’s Doctoral Candidacy was awarded by Auburn University in School Leadership and Curriculum. Jean’s MEd is in Education as is her BS, both from Texas Christian University. Jean earned certifications as a teacher, administrator (including superintendent), principal, counselor, special educator, educational diagnostician, and reading specialist.

Jean trained extensively in Conscious Discipline, a social-emotional-IQ framework with Dr. Becky Bailey, and her commitment to an enriched and appropriate school curriculum that develops resilient children is embedded in The Kenworthy School culture with intentional curriculum as well as professional development for faculty.

Jean knows child development, curriculum, educational leadership and training, and the challenges and successes of a school family community. Her passion for high quality education and nurturing care of children is relentless. The Kenworthy School in the Heights continues as another of Jean’s several successful schools!

Welcome to the Kenworthy School.


School Leadership at Kenworthy

Raven Thomas, Director

Raven ThomasRaven Thomas joined The Kenworthy School soon after it opened and working closely with Jean Hassen developed a welcoming and informed leadership team and school culture! Raven is the mother of two school age daughters and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management. Raven holds the Director Credential as well as required first aid, Infant Child CPR, etc. Raven attended the Conscious Discipline Institute in Orlando as well as Conscious Discipline Professional Development for curriculum modification and enrichment. Raven is a member of the Professional Development Action Team (PDAT), a mentoring-coaching team of advanced professional who support and develop Kenworthy faculty and staff on a daily basis.

Raven has her hand on the pulse of the school and manages the daily rhythms and practices of the school flawlessly. She is the go to for all questions Kenworthy!

Raven’s willingness to partner with parents and faculty contributes to her success in sustaining the culture of our high quality school. She excels at this by meeting parents and their children where they are and successfully integrating the needs of each family with the opportunities at The Kenworthy School.

 Jessica Luera


Jessica Luera, Assistant Director

Kieta Maye


Kieta Maye, Assistant Director

Ebony Eberhardt-Ogedengbe, Educational Services Coordinator

Ebony-Eberhardt-OgedengbeEbony Eberhardt Ogedengbe shepherds the willing and talented PDAT Coaches who lead, coach, champion and support the talented Kenworthy faculty and staff. Responsible for the integrity of our curriculum including Frog Street, Conscious Discipline, Core Knowledge, Handwriting and Kindergarten Saxon Math and Open Court Reading, the PDAT Coaches make a critical difference in the high quality and intentional learning experience Kenworthy Kids experience.

Kaylee Chiovaro, School & Family Services Support

Ms Kaylee ChiovaroMost times when parents call Kaylee Chiovaro answers the phone and is an expert at helping with a smile and passion She schedules tours, brings support to the director, shares important info about our school, steps into classrooms as needed. Often she takes your child out of the car and return your child to you while doing about a billion other essential tasks. finds finding countless ways to be helpful.

Educational Leadership at Kenworthy

Professional Development Action Team Coaches – PDAT Coaches Lead the Way

The faculty and staff of The Kenworthy School are supported by a select group of experienced and highly qualified teachers whose classrooms exemplify the best of what a high quality school program provides. These Kenworthy educators have completed at least two Conscious Discipline training experiences and their work represents an understanding, appropriation and integration of the skills of child development, Conscious Discipline and Frog Street and all Kenworthy curriculum. These are child centered educators who partner with colleagues in a coaching relationship providing guidance to increased knowledge understanding and implementation of the skills of Conscious Discipline and the content of Frog Street, Saxon Math, Open Court Reading, and Core Knowledge. Ursula Milner Golden, Oun Janiese Roper, Keiwana Scott, and Maureen O’Neill invest time and energy as mentors and as safe keepers of our high quality educational culture!

Ursula Milner Golden, Assessments and Training Leader & PDAT Coach

Ursula-Milner-GoldenMrs. Golden supports staff training and professional development while shepherding our Assessment Curriculum and Parent Conferences. Ursula’s genuine love of teaching and learning, combined with her child centered focus, her vast knowledge of what is good and right for children, her helpful heart, honest and kind communication skills bring positive support and direction to new Kenworthy colleagues as well as our veteran teachers so that we use our children’s time wisely. Ursula helps re-energize our communication about children’s developmental progress to parents in a helpful way. Ursula continues teaching her Explorations classes while bringing partnership to colleagues as a guardian of our Kenworthy culture!

PDAT Coaches

Chelsey Reed

Chelsey Reed

Beginner 1

Jessica Miles

Jessica Miles

Beginner 2 & 3

OJ Roper

OJ Roper

PreK 2

Keiwana Scott

Keiwana Scott

PreK 3

Maureen O’Neill Taylor

Maureen O’Neill Taylor

Prek 4 and Kindergarten

Ursula Golden

Ursula Golden

Assessment & Training


Classroom Leadership at Kenworthy

Faculty & Staff

The Kenworthy School chooses the best and most experienced educators available. As a school we recognize that professional development is essential to a high quality school, and we choose to invest significant resources in the professional development of the faculty and staff.

The faculty is guided by the research based and intentional curriculum including the integrated social emotional development component. Skills gaps are avoided because the curriculum is spiraling and scaffolding and lessons are supported with abundant resources that accompany the curriculum.

Faculty and staff benefit from ongoing training during their Kenworthy tenure in order to match the expectations of the unique program and to deliver high quality education and care.

The Kenworthy School tops the market in compensation for faculty and staff including competitive pay, 60% health care coverage with vision and dental, a paid life insurance policy, generous paid leave, costs of all state required training, school uniforms, bus card, professional development costs, a Christmas gift (bonus), as well as a generous annual performance bonus. The Kenworthy School shares the cost of additional university coursework related to teaching with faculty member who choose to pursue additional education.

Parents of Kenworthy – The POK

An active, positive, and supportive parent service group is a time-tested and essential component of a successful school! Children thrive when parents invest time and energy communicating that they believe preschool is important! Kenworthy parents are invited to participate with the POK as a meaningful way to partner in the education and care of their child(ren) at The Kenworthy School.

The POK (Parents of Kenworthy) is a grass roots organization born and nurtured in 2018 by a several parents who believed parent participation and leadership could help strengthen The Kenworthy School family while at the same time providing fun school community activities to build good memories and strong connections. The several activities and events hosted by these helpful families and added to the school calendar provided seasonal fun and helped build and connect The Kenworthy School Family with child centered events.

Another favorite sponsorship the POK excels with is the indulgence and appreciation of The Kenworthy School faculty, staff and administration though several designated promotions. Recognition and appreciation builds connection and supports Kenworthy’s effort to retain high quality educators.

We Our POK

Parents of Kenworthy School

The knowledge that parents who invest in high quality private education care greatly that the opportunities and experiences are the best available secures the partnership between school and parents as they recognize that through positive investment in the school family, best experiences for children increase.

The Parents of Kenworthy support the programs and learning experiences of Kenworthy Kids in a variety of important ways. The POK plans, schedules and presents opportunities for family participation in their child’s education experiences. Parents interested in supporting The Kenworthy School through active participation with the POK help suggest guidelines, share creative ideas, participate in Teacher Appreciations, support classroom projects and school events as room parents, may elect offices, create a calendar of events, design and implement projects, activities and events. POK participants through a meaningful partnership with The Kenworthy School help strengthen the school family and enhance the quality of each
child’s educational journey.

POK events are announced (post Covid) via the entry chalkboard, in Worthy Words, Kenworthy’s newsletter, emails through Engage, and on gate and door banners! The POK invites each parent to connect, participate and share time, talents and treasures toward positive experiences for children with the positive and productive investment of parents, The Kenworthy School experience continues to be the very best available to children.

Kenworthy Stays In Touch!


Worthy Words Is the monthly school newsletter that includes calendar reminders, announcements, celebrations, and photographs. The newsletter is distributed via Kid Report and is available in paper copy at school.


Worthy Ways Documents Kenworthy School guidelines and requirements for membership in the school family. A copy is available at “Parent Portal”. A signed affirmation of agreement to honor and comply with the contents is required before a child can attend The Kenworthy School


Engage Is a communication App that documents a child’s daily experiences at The Kenworthy School and provides a private network for communication between parent and The Kenworthy School. All official communication from the school comes through Engage rather than class level email lists or Text Threads. Parents can trust information received through Engage as being accurate and transparent.


Student Assessment Student progress is reported in scheduled and as requested conferences, progress reports and report cards. Results of Student Assessment of progress included in the Reading and Math curriculum keep parents involved of child’s progress in the elementary and in the preschool with developmental checklists track milestones, skills development and Social Emotional Learning growth.


Watch Me Grow… Is a closed network of school cameras allowing parents to view their child’s daily experiences in the classroom. Security cameras surround the exterior of the school as an added level of safety

Kenworthy School Uniforms!

The benefits and advantages of school uniforms have long been established and advocated. Right here in our Kenworthy School family we enjoy the several benefits of school uniforms last year when Kenworthy Kindergarten students wore uniforms daily!

Informed by that success and with attention to the benefits of,  and in response to parent suggestions, The Kenworthy School  expands to include an optional school uniform program for PreK 2, PreK 3, and PreK 4.

Students in Primary and PreK who choose to wear The Kenworthy School Uniform are required to wear the shirt and pants, shorts, skorts, etc. components as a uniform.

The Kenworthy School strongly recommends Kenworthy School uniforms for PreK4.

The Kenworthy School requires Kenworthy School Uniform for elementary students beginning in Kindergarten.

Spirit Wear

We celebrate our school family every Friday and on special curriculum-avatar--02 event days by wearing a school Tee shirt. Faculty, staff and Kenworthy Kids unite in support of our school family and “Mighty, Mighty Kenworthy” by wearing a school tee shirt every Friday.


The Kenworthy School Logo over the heart is a required part of the school uniform and adds it to all shirts, dresses, and outer wear.

Official Kenworthy School Uniforms are available at or click here.

Kenworthy School Preferred School Number is 900192980 Required uniform components and discretionary components are indicated on line

Color Selections by Level



Pre K2


Pre K3


Pre K4


K & Elem















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