Kenworthy Care

  • A teacher sits with an infant and helps her finger paint.
  • A Pre-K student swings on the playground and smiles for the camera.
  • A Kenworthy School Classroom

The Kenworthy School understands the demands on modern parents. One of our central priorities is saving you time and energy wherever we can.

You can be absolutely confident that at Kenworthy, your child is safe, comfortable, engaged, and receives a level of care second only to yours.

We provide care from 7 AM to 6 PM, and our support for your family extends even beyond those hours. This means that, in addition to the peace of mind you have when your child is with us, you have more resources to focus on what matters.

  • We provide nutritious, appealing food, including snacks and lunches. Our building boasts an on-site kitchen, and every menu includes fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s handled.
  • We provide high-quality, super-cozy, age-appropriate gear, including blankets, crib sheets, toys, towels, and more. There is no need to carry a half ton of stuff back and forth from your car. If you want, we even handle ordering diapers and wipes for your little ones. It’s covered.
  • We provide “parents’ night out” on a regular basis. Children can play and learn in a familiar environment with their friends and teachers while you go out, stay in, or do whatever you need to do. It’s available.
  • We provide parent seminars and educational events on cutting-edge and well-respected topics. You will have the opportunity to learn more about one of your most important roles with other parents who care. It’s accessible.

The Kenworthy School is also proud to bring you its one-of-a-kind Kenworthy Concierge program. We look for ways to make your life easier by offering services like dry cleaning pickup and drop-off on site, donation and recycling collection, and other time and hassle saving options.

The Kenworthy School partners with families in an educational preschool community to ignite a love of learning, cultivate resilience, and embrace joy!