Kenworthy Core

  • A young girl smiles for the camera on the playground at the Kenworthy School.
  • A Pre-K student looks through a book in her classroom.
  • Two students share their toys in their classroom.

High quality preschools matter greatly to the development of young children! Research and experience-based data conclude that the best preschools provide:

  • Ample opportunity for young children to use and hear complex interactive language
  • Respect for children’s voices and input
  • Educators who provide for intellectual rigor and have confidence in the cognitive capacity of even the very youngest learners
  • Curriculum that supports a wide
    range of school readiness goals, including social and emotional skill building
  • Active learning in a relaxed setting
  • Knowledgeable and qualified teachers who invest in continued learning
  • A focus on healthy growth in all domains of development
  • Channels for active family involvement

We provide all this and more! At Kenworthy:

  • Play is not just an activity, but a source of cognitive growth and development
  • Curriculum is well-organized, intentional, and backed by research
  • Teachers are responsible for providing structured learning opportunities and responding to spontaneous ones
  • Children acquire sophisticated skills through expression of their ideas and concerns
  • The classrooms go beyond memorization, mimicry, and recitation to the exploration of ideas
  • We emphasize cognitive potential while protecting childhood.

The Kenworthy School partners with families in an educational preschool community to ignite a love of learning, cultivate resilience, and embrace joy!