Position Details: Director of Family Services

The Director of Family Services (DOFS) is often the first contact interested families have with The Kenworthy School, and is an ambassador for the school both on campus and away. Successful candidates are gregarious problem solvers who manage the complexities of developing children, young families and their needs and expectations commensurate with an understanding and commitment to the guidelines and standards for high quality child care at The Kenworthy School.

The Director of Family Services is a major standard bearer for the school’s mission and is vigilant in managing the safety and quality care of all Kenworthy children while partnering with parents.

This successful Director of Family Services is knowledgeable and communicates clearly and positively about the school curriculum and learning opportunities for children, the qualifications of the faculty, the culture of the school and the guidelines and policies of the school. This person is supportive of faculty and staff in ways that contribute to the success of the educational community.

The Director of Family Services is frequently called upon to positively represent The Kenworthy School and to interact in a positive and productive manner with Licensing representatives, fire and health inspectors and other municipal officials who support care and safety in Houston preschools.

The Director of Family services has a good sense of humor, is organized and has high energy and low drama. This person enjoys being helpful and supportive and looks for ways to make a positive difference in the lives of all folks in the Kenworthy School community, from tending a sick child waiting for mom, to answering a busy phone with inquiries about opportunities for school careers, enrollment, etc.

The Director of Family services shares school administrative responsibilities, including scheduling and operational decisions including food service needs, and the Concierge Program with the School Director, and is a member of the administrative team with responsibility for excellence in school decision making and daily operation.

Minimum Education Requirement

  • Bachelor Degree in early childhood education, elementary education, or r a related subject such as child development, human development. Or,
  • Bachelor Degree in Business, Marketing, Human Resources, etc.
  • CDA Child Development Credential in combination with at least two years successful experience as a teacher assistant or successful experience as a classroom teacher.

Minimum Experience

  • At least one year of successful experience in a school setting.
  • At least one year of successful experience as decision maker in a service industry position.


Works an eight hour day with leave time and holidays as described in the Faculty Staff Agreement. Breaks are included in the daily schedule.


Is paid according to the Faculty Staff Agreement based on education, experience, and longevity at The Kenworthy School.