The founders of The Kenworthy School recognize that preschool wait lists can be a source of frustration and confusion for parents. Given that, the goal is to be as transparent as possible about the way the Kenworthy School wait list is managed.

The Kenworthy School does not and will not require parents to pay money to get on a wait list if the school cannot reasonably expect to offer the child admission within a practical time frame. This means that we do not maintain “wait lists” of hundreds of students, collecting fees just to keep families in indefinite limbo. The Kenworthy approach is different.

The Kenworthy School accepts only an extremely limited number of students onto the Wait List – the number of students we truly expect to be able to admit to a given class within a twelve month period. Prior to opening, this number will fluctuate somewhat in response to hiring and training processes for faculty and staff. As we approach full enrollment, certain classes may only have two or three students on the Wait List at any given time. That means if you are placed on our wait list, you will be offered a spot within 12 months, or you will receive a refund of your Wait List Deposit.

Because this is a more substantial and true commitment than the typical “wait list,” those accepted are asked to make a non-refundable Wait List Deposit of $500. When you are admitted, this deposit is applied to your first month’s tuition.

We also maintain a Contact List, sorted by date of registration. There is no charge to place your child on the Contact List. When and if Wait List spots come open, we contact parents on the Contact List in order of registration date to inquire about their family circumstances and ask if they wish to upgrade to the Wait List.

Sometimes life develops in unexpected ways. As such, we have also instituted a policy that a family gets one “free pass” on the Contact List. This means that, if you are offered a spot on the Wait List that you can’t take for whatever reason, you can “pass” on that spot one time without losing your Contact List registration date. We simply call the next family. However, if when you are called a second time, you are still unable to accept the spot, your Contact List registration date will be changed to reflect the date of your second deferment.

Siblings of enrolled students take priority on the waitlist over new families.

Please be aware that Kenworthy reserves a fixed percentage of priority enrollment spots for children of faculty and staff. In the event that all of those spots are assigned, a separate wait list is maintained for faculty and staff children which corresponds to the percentage of enrollment spots.

If you have any questions about the waitlist, please call us at (713) 999-8028. We’re here to help you make enrolling your child at The Kenworthy a satisfying process.