We Cultivate Resilience.

  • A young student smiles at a puppet.
  • A young boy and his teacher share a laugh.
  • A toddler smiles for the camera while exploring her play area.
  • You are invested in your child’s social and emotional development, and seek opportunities that promote resilience, compassion, and helpfulness.

  • You expect that your child will be guided towards successful and appropriate problem solving strategies, and have a safe environment where learning to self-regulate is part of the daily rhythm.
  • You want your child to spend time with teachers who are not judgmental, but positive and supportive, and who do not rely on the traditional “compliance model” associated with threat and force. Rather, they cultivate a relationship-based “school family” that relies on higher-order thinking skills.



Skittles. Treasure Chests. Gold Stars. Time out. Separation and Exclusion. Missed playtime. There are countless approaches to “behavior management” that sometimes leave both kids and parents frustrated. We know a better way! Conscious Discipline teaches safety, connection, self-regulation and problem solving.

Social and emotional development must be as carefully and deliberately taught as intellectual development. Essential to every high quality preschool curriculum is a comprehensively integrated program to guide children in learning to handle anger, to enable strategies for self-control and provide opportunities to feel successful. As educators, we guide children to develop a positive view of self, to accept others (even those not like us), and to be open to new experiences.

How we teach these skills and strategies is as important as why we teach them. We establish a school-family environment that teaches by modeling the skills of Conscious Discipline. This strategy of doing as we do, rather than as we say, guides children to safe behavior and helps them learn to:

  • take care of learning materials and toys,
  • monitor voice control
  • use appropriate and productive social interactions, and
  • solve problems successfully.

We talk to the children about these skills, we give them language for these skills and we include rituals and routines to help them feel secure using these skills in their environment. We are steadfast in creating an environment that enables resilience.

The Kenworthy School partners with families in an educational preschool community to ignite a love of learning, cultivate resilience, and embrace joy!