We Embrace Joy.

  • You hope your child’s days are filled with laughter, quick friendships, and enduring successes.
  • You understand that just being safe is not enough: a child’s day should include enjoyment, happiness, delight, gladness, and glee!
  • You are looking for an environment where your child genuinely wants to be, and is so engaged in substantive, enjoyable activities that it is difficult to see where play ends, and learning begins.


At Kenworthy, we understand how to appreciate the joy that bubbles up naturally, but also how to intentionally weave it into the fabric of our everyday activities. The elimination of anxiety and fear is essential to a child’s ability to relax and find personal joy.

At Kenworthy, we understand the importance of creating safety for the whole child – a safety that goes beyond a child’s physical being, and includes social, emotional, and cognitive aspects of the school experience. Connection, membership and the experience of “belonging” are also imperative to each child’s investment in the environment and the ability to find a place to be joyful. Our daily routines foster this sense of connection.

Children feel joyful as they become more capable doing what they like doing. We understand the happy feedback loop between skill-building and the joy of success. This consistent and cumulative experience helps develop a capable, positive sense of self.

We know joy comes from daily opportunities to create, to move about, to sing, to talk and discuss, to observe, to read and to be read to and to play. At Kenworthy, these opportunities are carefully planned, and implemented in a safe environment, so that wait time is minimal, isolation is non-existent, and positive interactive relationships abound.

Joy is a natural byproduct of the Kenworthy formula.

The Kenworthy School partners with families in an educational preschool community to ignite a love of learning, cultivate resilience, and embrace joy!