Who We Are

We have the leadership and decision makers to create a preschool of the highest quality.

Jean Hassen, Executive Director and Founder

Hassen HeadshotJean is a lifelong educator, parent, grandparent, Executive Director and co-owner who brings several decades of experience to Houston to partner with her niece, Charlotte MacVane, to found her third school! Jean is most passionate about the high quality education of preschool children, and she ends her (third) retirement to enjoy another educational setting.  Jean well knows how to bring excellence in preschool education to families in the Greater Heights. She invested nearly 15 years as founder, co-owner and principal of a private elementary and preschool in Florida with an enrollment of nearly 400 children, her first Kenworthy School. That school was accredited and commended by the Association of Independent Schools of Florida (AISF) and the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). While head of that school, Jean served on the SACS and AISF accreditation committee, visiting and assessing applicant schools. Read more about Jean’s background.

Charlotte MacVane, Operational Director and Founder

MacVane HeadshotCharlotte is a working (attorney) mom of two young children. When searching for childcare, she longed for a preschool that would provide an educational environment as inspiring and impressive as those she had seen Jean Hassen create before. She also wanted a school where her experience as a busy parent was a central consideration in the structure, opportunities, and services provided. Charlotte understands that a high quality preschool must be attuned to the needs and the voices of parents.

The Kenworthy school brings all of this together under one roof. We are what you want!

Interested in a Career with Kenworthy?

If you are interested in joining our dynamic, well-supported team of educators, please contact us here.

The Kenworthy Name

Maria (pronounced Mariah) Kenworthy and her husband, James Francis Magee, were both educators. They emigrated from England to Illinois in the last half of the 19th century. Maria helped establish the first public school in Rock Island, Illinois. James continued an outstanding career as a teacher, professor, and school superintendent, for which he was eventually recognized nationally. In tribute to ancestors whose legacy of teaching endures – and with special regard and respect to Maria, who, after marrying, was no longer eligible to continue her life’s passion of teaching – our school bears the Kenworthy name. As Maria’s direct descendants, we continue work she began over 100 years ago: the education of young children!

The Kenworthy School partners with families in an educational preschool community to ignite a love of learning, cultivate resilience, and embrace joy!